Introduction to Chinese Music

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Introduce your pupils to traditional Chinese instrumental music with the groundbreaking new Chinese virtual instruments on Garageband. Create programme music, improvise using the pipa and erhu instruments and develop a class performance with a luogu percussion ensemble! Suitable for ages 9-14.

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Product Description

Pupils will…

  • Meet Cheng Yu, a master Pipa player, and learn about the cultural context, instrumentation and unique characteristics of this rich genre
  • Follow tutorial videos to explore virtual Chinese instruments and develop their musicianship in line with the National Curriculum
  • Play, improvise and arrange a traditional lullaby using the Garageband pipa and erhu instruments.
  • Use Garageband’s Chinese loops as a stimulus to create a piece of creative writing and a programmatic composition.
  • Create and perform a whole class percussion piece to accompany a Chinese Lion Dance
  • Publish two completed compositions on the internet to share with their friends and family.

Teachers are provided with…

  • Four complete lesson plans, including learning outcomes, warm-ups and plenary sessions.
  • Accompanying videos, minimising planning and preparation and offering a genuinely immersive experience for their pupils.
  • A full teaching guide with information on the cultural background of the music.

Key information:

  • Length: 4  x 60-75 minute sessions
  • Age group:  9 – 14
  • Suitable for specialist and non-specialist music teachers.


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