In response to several enquiries, this list of apps was originally prepared for the 2014 Music Expo. They are all classroom tested. Please feel free to send us your suggestions


Garageband Songwriting app with virtual instruments, sequencer and easy to use sampler.

Thumbjam Powerful instrument emulator.

Madpad Video sampler.

Loopseque Cyclical beat-maker with fantastic potential for exploring rhythm.

Loopy & Everyday Looper Two sophisticated live loopers, each with unique merits.

Impaktor Uses theiPad microphone as a contact mic, turning any surface into a drum. Headphones required.

Pinnacle Studio A video making app similar to iMovie. Great for adding images to compositions.

Notion Music Create and play sheet music.

Beatsurfing Link with Thumbjam to create your own playing surface. Endless possibilities.

Audiobus Links apps together, e.g. record something you are playing in Thumbjam into Garageband.

Apps that work well in SEN/D settings:

Launchpad Easy to use sample sets.

Soundscape Turns audio from the microphone into images, similar to visualisations on Windows Media Player.

Bebot Polyphonic synth with more depth than first appears.

Bloom/Trope/Scape Various Brian Eno apps that create abstract sound and colour scapes.

Figure Intuitive dance music creator.

Airvox Uses the iPad camera to generate pitches based on the distance between you and the iPad.