There are many ideas that I will take and use myself and adapt for my pupils. It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of their learning experiences, not only the musical content but the focus on the whole child as part of an ensemble. It was truly inspirational to be able to learn with this group and re-armed my belief that music should be accessible for everyone. SMEP Lower School Lead Teacher, Inspiring Music

A number of students have said they will download the apps on their phones – to be wanting to make music at home, as a music teacher, I can’t ask for any more! Music Teacher, Weatherfield Academy

It is right that all of our students no matter which school setting that they are in have an equal opportunity to access music and the work that you have done for schools to be able to adopt and sustain this is fantastic. Charlotte Payne, Music Director, Inspiring Music

Our Resources

The lessons are well structured and the tips for teachers superb. It costs £30 but is well worth it. I am going to ask my music hub and my schools to buy a couple.Jacqui Schneider, Primary Music Matters Blog

Everything was incredibly clear and focused with little to no time wasted. Very effective!Eric Varillas, Head of Fine Arts Department, F. E. Madill Secondary School, Canada

Received with thanks … read through and it will be incredibly helpful in my music teaching. I didn’t realise it was such a large book.Rob Reichstorer


If I were to produce a wordle based on Thursdays training “Teaching Music with Ipads” it would be crammed with words like pulse, rhythm, texture, volume, harmony. Music was at the heart of the day. The iPad was simply a powerful tool to make and analyse music. I think that this is a real strength of Ben Seller’s training. It is not about what we can do for the iPad but what the iPad can do for us as music teachersJacqui Schneider, Primary Music Matters Blog

Ben responded to the needs of each individual group: from the more able to SEN and was able to provide access for all. The children learnt lots, both musically and in terms of using the apps.Donna Millward, ICT co-ordinator, Thoresby Primary School

A most enjoyable day, thank you. I am excited about using these apps and the ideas you gave to place them into our school curriculum. I am not very technologically minded but found the way you presented the sessions and the ideas you provided very engaging and highly motivating.Anna Howard, SENCO/Music Leader, Bellfield Primary School

…powerfully simple and clever, giving the children complete empowerment to create songs that sound very sophisticated. I no longer feel terrified about how to use GarageBand in a classroom setting.Primary Music Specialist, Sheffield

Informative, well presented, and provided me with plentiful ideas to take to the classroom for projects large and smallDavid Rose, Milton Keynes Music Hub