Loopseque and Bloom are two important apps in our toolbox. Loopseque allows users to build drum, bass, percussion and synth grooves using an intuitive circular interface. It is great for participants who want to create  backing tracks for rap or a basis for melodic improvisation. Bloom creates relaxing soundscapes and is excellent in PMLD settings and for pupils who prefer quieter, mellow sounds.

Both apps have different sound sets, each with its own key and scale. Knowing what these are can be necessary when using Loopseque/Bloom with other apps or acoustic instruments. Happily, Transformance Music’s Peter Keserue has created this handy guide that includes all the sound sets for both apps. We hope you find it useful!

Kids – C maj penta
Lazy Keys – G minor blues
Moon Safari – Eb major pentatonic
Neon Dreams – C harmonic minor
Pink Candy (slow) – Eb
Rain Drops – A min penta
Secret Place – F# maj penta
Simple Story – C min blues
Speed limit – C min blues
Spy Glasses – C min blues
Square Dots – D maj penta
Tribal Canvas – C maj penta
Underwater Train – D min blues
Urban Rock – C min blues
Zip Trip – D min blues
Tolu – Bb
Skatole – G
Civet – C
Cedar – F
Benzoin – C
Ambrette – G
Orris – F
Bergamot – D (minor tones – dim 3rd)
Labdanum – A
Ylang – D
Vetiver – C
Neroli – G