We offer iPad Songwriting Clubs in the UK and California, USA. They are run as part of a school’s extra-curricular programme and are always a hit, as well as a great way to develop the knowledge base of the school via peer learning. The curriculum is designed to run alongside school music lessons, and we are also able to teach school staff to run the club once it is established, providing both technical knowledge and curricula.

“I liked it when we used rhythms from different parts of our bodies to make videos”
Katie, Year 4

In a typical 10- week ‘iPad songwriting club’, participants:

  • Write their own songs in a variety of apps using a mixture of samples, virtual instruments and live recording.
  • Explore individual and collective improvision
  • Learn and apply elements of melodic and rhythmic theory
  • Are exposed to the musics of other cultures
  • Perform for their peers in a year group/KS/whole school assembly