Our Composition Challenge 2016 is ready for lift off, and we invite you to come on board!

Start off by watching this short video. The competition accepts entries from October 31st to March 5th 2017  and we invite you to start the Lesson Plans and Videos from today!

The aims of the Challenge are to:

  • Develop young peoples’ love of music and identity as musicians.
  • Deliver a significant amount of the KS2/3 national curriculum (USA Grades 4-9).
  • Show off the learning potential of Garageband’s new features
  • Facilitate the creation and sharing of some amazing music!

Entry is absolutely free, and on entering you will receive a welcome pack, lesson plans and a link to the tutorial videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Challenge and when is the deadline?

The project is composed of 6 x one hour lessons (5 x one hour lessons for those without the ‘Live Loops’ feature). You can complete them over several weeks, several days, or even several hours! All entries must be uploaded by 17th December 5th March 2017 (Note: Extended deadline for entries)

What age is the competition suitable for?
9-15 year olds

My class only has one/a few iPads. Can I still take part?
Absolutely. Show the tutorial videos on your class whiteboard and complete the challenge as a class!

Help! I can’t find the Live Loops on Garageband!
Some older iPads don’t support the Live Loops function. However, we have prepared an alternative project that does not use Live Loops, available for download after you enter the competition.

My school is outside the UK. Can I still take part?
Yes. One of the most exciting aspects of the project is that pupils will be able to listen to their peers’ compositions from around the world.

I can’t complete the challenge until next term. Can I still take part?
You won’t be able to enter the competition, but the lesson plans will be available as part of our upcoming teaching resources, ‘Garageband for KS2’ and ‘Garageband for KS3’.