The next step is to work out how you are going to deliver the music curriculum, as well as the end of term performance, using iPads. We have been providing answers to these questions for the last five years, and have distilled our knowledge down into sets of resources available on this website. Many are free – a good place to start is our two lesson introductory garageband project.

This is taken from our ‘Teaching Music with Garageband for iPad’ textbook. The textbook combines clear lesson plans with tutorial videos that you can either use as a planning tool, or play directly to your class (especially useful if you don’t consider yourself a music specialist). Hundreds of teachers from around the world have used the textbook to enable thousands of young people to write amazing songs. This makes us really proud. We also have two genre specific resources – Introduction to Chinese Music and Introduction to Hip Hop Production.

Whilst Garageband is great for longer, deeper projects, we use the Loopseque and Launchpad apps for high impact, shorter courses. For creating ensembles, Thumbjam is our preferred app. We are in the process of developing mainstream resources for these apps, but for a good introduction have a look at some resources we made in partnership with Inspiring Music, Central Bedfordshire’s Music Education Hub.

If you require projects on specific themes do get in touch – knowing what people need is a great way for us to develop new resources.

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