The exact equipment you need depends on how many iPads you have access to, and what you plan to do with them. The minimum you will need is:

  1. iPads and chargers. The ideal ratio is one iPad per two pupils.
  2. Headphones
  3. Headphone splitters, if pupils are going to be sharing iPads.
  4. A speaker

In addition, the best way of getting the iPad screen onto your whiteboard or classroom TV is by using a lightning to VGA splitter.

Have a look at this video to see how it all fits together.

Equipment Links

Two options for iPad Cases:

Griffin Survivor – Top quality. £50.

Pepkoo Case – Very similar design to the Griffin. Offers a  lower level of protection and general build quality but is fit for purpose and much cheaper – around £15.

Foldable headphones – Around £7 a pair.

3.5mm Mini Jack leads – 2 metres long, £4 each.

3.5mm Mini Jack 6-way splitters – £2.50. Belkin do a version that some say can cope better with multiple inputs but we have found these to be fine.

Speaker – Minirig – £130. Loud, high quality sound. Long battery life. We love them.