We are a group of teachers, musicians and technologists who specialise in composition and improvisation using iPads. Ben Sellers and Travis Snyder began running music workshops with iPads in a Hackney community centre in 2011, developing an approach that combined outstanding musical outcomes with an implicit development of musicianship and theory.

They then transferred this approach to both formal mainstream and SEN/D contexts and began codifying their methods into what became the 2014 textbook ‘Teaching Music with Garageband for iPad’, and a popular teacher training scheme. In 2016, Travis returned to California to become the head of Assistive Technology for the San Francisco District School Board. 2017 saw the publication of several new resources, including a second edition of the Garageband textbook, and formal partnerships with three UK Music Education Hubs. 2018 is set to be a big year for Transformance Music, building on a continuing commitment to putting creativity at the heart of musical learning. Watch this space!


Ben Sellers

Ben is a multi-instrumentalist, trainer, and classroom teacher based in Yorkshire. His practice focuses on songwriting/composition and improvisation, often using technology, and often in SEN/D settings. Author of the textbook ‘Teaching Music with Garageband for iPad’, and leader of Transformance Music’s training programme, his approach and curricula are now used by teachers on five continents. Like his workshop leader heroes, he sees the music workshop as a space for personal and social transformation. In addition to his role as an Associate Musician with Drake Music, recent partners have included the BBC Symphony Orchestra, The Museum of London, WOMAD Festival and several UK Music Hubs. You can hear some of his compositions with Colin Samurai here.

Articles by Ben:


Peter Keserue

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Peter is an experienced multi-instrumentalist, specialising in working with at-risk cohorts of pupils in primary and secondary schools across London. Of Italian-Hungarian descent, he has led an avant-garde free improvisation project for almost a decade and has been singing with an overtone choir in the UK for the past 4 years. He also hosts free improvisational music nights. He specialises in empowering people to experiment and enjoy playing musical instruments at any level. He believes free improvisation challenges listening, while encouraging interaction and awareness of others in a collaborative, non-hierarchical environment.


Courtney Castro

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Courtney is a classroom teacher and trainer based in Orange County, CA. She has played multiple instruments since childhood and is currently completing a masters in songwriting pedagogy.  She leads our training programme in the USA.


Mónica Viñoly

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Mónica is a violinist, vocalist and dancer. A native of the Canary Islands, she studied music and psychology in Tenerife, and was a member or the Bela Bartok Orchestra. Her work now focusses on facilitating music and dance with children and adults with additional needs, specifically looking at improvisation and combining art forms.

She is a regular on the London music scene, currently performing regularly with Flying Tailor and Okiem.


Natasha Natarajan

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Natasha is the designer and webmaster for Transformance Music. A freelance graphic and web designer based in Scotland, she is currently studying fine art and believes strongly in the empowering and therapeutic nature of the creative arts. She has the most refined music collection in the organisation, and has recently taken up the drums.